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I’m glad that I sifted through some of the reader reviews prior to reading this, if only to confirm how good the synopsis made the book sound. Don’t let the first couple of chapters throw you. There is a rhyme and reason for the archaic use of language, which you’ll soon understand a few more chapters in. The characters are very well developed in my opinion, and Anglesey did her homework on Mer myths and legends prior to fleshing out her tale. Further, this was one of few (*gasp*) ebooks that didn’t have rampant grammar and syntax errors. I finished the book desperately wanting to know what would happen next. No…I won’t divulge any spoilers here. Just do yourselves a favor and read the book.

I have just been on a most unusual journey. Like many a recalcitrant child, I started out with doubts and suspicions, and had to be dragged along. And like many of those children, I discovered that there were treats in store of which I had been unaware. And, predictably, I was disappointed when the journey ended – I wanted more.
Mer Si Raen Ambush is a split-screen epic, alternating between the world of the Mer, people of the Sea, and that of modernity. It is brave writing and brave thinking to present this powerful alternative world in such detail that the reader yearns to believe. Switching to the modern world coping with its discovery of the sea-people, Ms. Anglesey displays a firm grasp of plot, and of modern reality. There is a wealth of interaction, and romantic possibilities to tantalize the reader, but these turn out to be mere side issues. Nevertheless, the exposition of various mental states and attitudes is so well done that it establishes the reality of the situation. There is also a wealth of background knowledge which both fascinates and reassures.
Like some other readers, I had some trouble assimilating the archaic English spoken by the Mer. By book’s end I was fine with it, but still had doubts about its efficacy. It certainly did help to establish the “otherness” of the Mer, but there was a price to pay for this, I felt.
Not the least impressive element of Anglesey’s writing is her ability to incorporate the scientific basis of the story in a convincing, and entertaining manner. It is this which assuages any suspicion of new-age soft fantasy. Combined with her writing style, which is pungent and direct, with many an inspired turn of phrase, it has created a fascinating reading experience. It is worth committing to the first three chapters to catch the flow – you will then be adrift on a powerful story current.
It is worth noting that the romantic sub-plots set up early in the novel are not neatly resolved at the end in the usual fashion. Although the main plot has come to a crucial point, you feel this is really very well set up for a sequel…I, for one, would be ready for another journey.

MER Si Raen Ambush by Kimberley Anglesey is awesome! An excellent blend of fact and mythology. I just finished this morning and I can’t wait for the sequel. The story felt entirely fresh, a tough task for a classic theme, very well woven. Not only would I recommend to friends, but I already have.

This book contains all the elements of a fun, exciting, and entertaining read; a marine biologist, an evil scientist, a scheming Navy admiral and the service he represents, AND mermaids. Yes, you read correctly, mermaids. Kimberley does an excellent job of presenting and fleshing out her characters and interweaving several plot lines into one great story.

I really enjoyed this book but wished it went on for a few more chapters. Would love to know what happened to the pregnant doctor.

When I began this book I had no real expectations for it, being about mermaids and all, but what a surprise I got! I was deeply impressed with this story. It took a little bit to get into the book but once I did I was captivated. I can’t imagine the amount of research a book like this must have taken. I love it’s originality and the entire idea. I have to admit, I was truly sad to put it down when it was over. I am really looking forward to the sequel that I am sure is coming.

Well, can’t say I actually wanted to read a mermaid book, but since I picked it up for my wife’s birthday “box”, I figured I might as well. After getting off to a confusing start, I have to say these particular mermaids are an appealing incarnation of the age old myth, both fierce and tender and the mermaid culture parts of the book are as interesting as the military parts. The author is clever and creative, seems to have done her military research, and is well informed on the dire future of our oceans. Overall a stick to it read once I got into it. I rate this book a 4 for story and creativity.

This is a great read! Fun and different! This story will keep you turning the page. Hated to see it end!

This book was intriguing I read through it in a flash! The character were great and the story was amazing I would recommend it to my 14 year old niece and to my elder aunts. It’s a great read that reaches all ages. It does have one explicit sex scene necessary for the book, but it was refreshing to have a well thought out book, without all of the bad language and poor grammar and sentence structure. I expect this will do very well.

This book had several speedbumps to overcome: it was about mermaids, but I bought it anyway. Then, when I started reading it, it seemed that when the author was speaking as the mermaids voice, the verbiage was archaic, which I initially found to be off-putting. I realized it wasn’t a typo fairly early, :-) , however, and powered on. This turned out to be a good read, the characters are well-developed and I enjoyed it. I hope there is a sequel, because the “mad scientist” needs a comeupance.

Fresh slant on military thriller, light on the military and accent on the thriller. Mermaids would be the ultimate underwater spy system. Great blend of characters. The book closes with open ended sub plots which make the sequel a must have book. Is it out yet?

The Si Raen of Muir Tearmann are cunning and deadly creatures when crossed. And crossed they are by the U.S. Military who seek to use their unique abilities for national security purposes. Breaking, by necessity, the first rule of engagement – know thy enemy – the military ventures where all men should fear to tread! For though it’s a Mer in physical captivity at a secret base in Hawaii, it’s not the world’s mightiest military that has the upper hand between the two! Intriguing, exciting and fun, I loved this book right down to the very last inventive detail! I look forward to watching this new author develop . . . good news! There’s a set-up for a sequel.

Typically I don’t read fantasy genre books; however, this book is much more than just about mermaids. The story line and plot are very captivating! Great writing with lots of intrigue. This book held my interest, just keep reading. I hope there is a sequel.

What a very interesting, exciting, suspenseful book. Definitely recommend this to all readers. Could not put it down. Excellent writer!!