Mer Si Raen Ambush coverNavy SEALs ambushed her.
Vengeful sirens are coming for her.
War has been declared.

Believe it or not, mermaids are real. That is if you can believe Navy Commander Frank Reeves, who has come knocking on marine biologist Gillian Keller’s door determined to recruit her into a top secret black-ops program known as Project Mer.

The Office of Naval Intelligence has special plans for the mermaid, Onara, but first they must keep her alive and learn how to communicate with her. No easy task, this orca like mammal is hostile and refuses to eat.

Quickly the military and their civilian team learn a terrifying secret; the Si Raen (pronounced sigh-rain) of Muir Tearmann are not only formidable with a blade, but also possess a power only hinted at in mythology – these sirens sing inside the mind and take control of any victim who touches Mer skin.

When Onara’s big sister, Queen Alari, comes to her rescue, things turn deadly, as the Mer warriors begin a blood thirsty retaliation and Hawaii’s tourist population is caught in the crossfire.

MER SI RAEN AMBUSH is available on in both Kindle and Paperback format.

TGC Print CoverHe’s a vampire . . . a priest . . . a slayer, and he just saved my life.

A Sacrosancti brother of the Demetrius order.

It’s his calling to kill monsters—to efficiently dispatch them with his Crucilum and dispose of the bodies at Mercy Hill Crematorium.

When Father Zaccaria wrenches Jane Maguire from the clutches of a blood thirsty monster about to sink its fangs into her throat, he’s surprised to discover she’s not the woman he’s been tracking. She’s her identical twin and the key to the Blue Blood’s evil plot.

Two women . . . sharing one soul.

Can the priest protect his new charge and stop Andaes, nemesis of the church, from performing a mysterious blood ritual that will release the scourge of mankind from the confines of the night into the light of day to feast on the unwitting humans?