American Express

american_express_platinumThis is one of two rants I have to post.

Last year while shopping at Cosco, I was invited to sign up for the American Express Card and earn cash back for the company. Sounded like a good idea so I opened the card. They gave me a large credit line. About 6 months later they sent a letter saying American Express was ending its relationship with Cosco and suggested that I apply for a new American Express card since the old card would stop working as of April 2016.

Following their instructions I applied for a new card. This card was given a small credit line. This didn’t make a lot of sense since I would need the credit line from the other card. They subsequently lowered the credit line on the Cosco Amex card, because they had issued a new Platinum card. Confused, I called them and explained the situation. They assured me that if I made a payment of a certain dollar amount they would restore the credit line on the Cosco Amex card and then I could have that restored credit line transferred to the new Platinum card when the Cosco Amex card went away in April.

I made the requested payment, and they did in fact restore the credit line to the Cosco American Express which I promptly paid off and closed. I requested  the transfer of the credit line to the new card as instructed.

You would think since I had followed each step exactly as instructed it would be a simple thing to move the credit line, but no. I received a letter in the mail declining to transfer the credit line to the Platinum card because that account was too new. For the love of God. You just want to tear your hair out dealing with such stupidity.

I wasted a bunch more time talking to the customer service people who continued to repeat a lot of useless nonsense in bad English (India.)

It continues to boggle my mind how  companies can absolutely drive their customers away with a whip in hand and just how poor customer service has become. I am currently researching a new credit card company and will immediately close this account. I won’t be doing business with American Express ever again.