The Big Red Chair

RedCouch-iconI have been bing watching the Graham Norton show lately, DVR recording all the episodes. If you don’t know who Graham Norton is, find him on the BBC America. The format features celebrities, much like American talk shows, promoting their latest film, or book and then a musical guest performance as a close.

Graham is terribly funny, and his guests tend to be quite humorous as well. Always very entertaining. But one of my favorite bits from the show is when they have a few spare moments at the end, they allow people from the audience to sit in the “big red chair” and tell a story from their lives. If Graham finds the story entertaining, they are allowed to get up and walk away from the chair at the conclusion. If it’s not, Graham has a handle he pulls and the chair goes over backwards and tosses the person out.

Truly, some of the best stories I’ve ever heard have been from people in the chair.

Go to London and see the show live is a new item on my bucket list!