Lemon Love

lemon-iconGrowing up in California, we had the perfect weather for growing just about everything. My grandfather had a green thumb, and his backyard features many fruit trees, including lemons. It was a huge tree and the lemons were wonderful for lemonade. Now that I live in Idaho and have grown several fruit trees of my own, I can say one of the things I really miss about Cali is the citrus. We can’t grow citrus here due to our cold winters. On a recent trip to Sacramento I was walking near UC Davis with my camera and I passed yard after yard with huge lemon trees and I felt a nostalgic yearning for lemons picked right off the tree. I was fortunate enough to come across a house for sale with the lovely ladies who were moving out the next day willing to give me all the lemons off their Meyer’s lemon tree. It was so generous, they wouldn’t take any money for them, and were also kind enough to provide me a bag to carry the lemons back to my hotel room. It’s something I will always remember. Tonight, I turned those lemons into a lemon curd. I ordered a cookie cutter off Amazon, and as soon as it arrives, I am going to make lemon tarts from a cute recipe I found on Pinterest. I’ve never made lemon curd before, nor tarts. All due to the generosity of the ladies in Sacramento, I am having a new and exciting baking experience.