Favorite Movie Moments

Life has enough drama that I rarely choose to spend my limited free time watching dramatic movies for entertainment. I tend towards action adventure, science fiction, fantasy and comedy. This morning The Two Towers is on TV and I have let it run while I work on the kitchen remodel. Taking a break, I was able to catch my favorite moment from this film. Perhaps you remember it too. The people of Rohan are traveling the dangerous roads to hold up in Helms Deep. Warg riders have ambushed them along the way. Legolas stands on the hillside shooting arrows as the Rohan riders charge towards the orks. Legolas turns as Gimli’s horse approaches to grasp the front harness and swings himself up and onto the back behind Gimli. It’s an impossible move, certainly something only an elf could perform. I remember when I saw it the first time on the big screen. It made me gasp in awe.

If you don’t remember this incredible bit of CGI, you can see it from this YouTube clip.