The Puma Punku Mystery

puma punkuIn the highlands of Bolivia is an ancient site called Puma Punku, part of a large temple complex or monument group that is part of the Tiwanaku Site. The stone mason work found there is so advanced, and so precise that modern technology would struggle to duplicate what was done in the ancient past.

Surveys within the areas between the Puma Punku and Kalasasaya complexes using ground-penetrating radar and magnetometry. The geophysical data collected from these surveys, and excavations have revealed the presence of numerous man-made structures including the foundations of buildings and compounds, water conduits, pool-like features, terraces, residential compounds, and widespread gravel pavements, all of which now lie buried and hidden beneath the modern ground’s surface.

Opinions differ on the construction methods used to create the site, and who created it. Some say local people, some think Ancient Aliens. It’s impossible to know anything to a certainty, but the point is, in considering the mystery, we spark the imagination. History is like swiss cheese, full of holes. It’s inside those holes where stories await the creative writer.